How To Keep Your Skin Fresh, Glowing, and New this Spring Season

Hello 40/50 Club!!!!

Hope all is well and that your skin has an “NVious Glow!”

Spring is in the air and I’m feeling good! Birds flying high, you know what I mean. Sun up in the sky you know how I feel. Breeze drifting on by, you know how I feel… it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me (my skiing), and I’m feeling good! (Nina Simone)

These words, by the infamous Nina Simone, remind me of Spring. Why? Because like a beautiful new Spring morning, with the sun and the flowers everything feels fresh and new. And being a member of the 40/50 Club, our skin feeling fresh and new is a must.

So how do you give your skin that fresh look for Spring? Glad you asked. I have a few recommendations - based on my personal routine.

Here are seven tips on how I’m keeping my skin feeling fresh and new this Spring:

  1. Exfoliate - Do this at least one to two times a week. This helps remove any dead skin cells your body doesn’t naturally slough off.

  2. Hydrate - DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! The more water you drink the more your skin will look clear and hydrated. Water helps keep your skin clear because it helps your body flush out all those unwanted things that can clog your pores. Who wants that?

  3. Sunscreen - (even when cloudy) this is important for ALL skin complexions and types. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from the too much sun exposure. I know the sun feels good on your skin but, too much of it without sunscreen is not good!

  4. Eat Right! - fruits and veggies are a girl or guys best food. Queens, this also helps in the overall healthiness of your skin. What you eat comes out of you in more ways than one and one of those way is through your skin!

  5. Moisturize - Change your moisturizer to a lighter one (use heavier cream in cold months). By making this change your skin will the perfect amount of hydration and you don’t have to worry about feeling too oily or heavy.

  6. Exercise - (stepping on my own toes) try doing something active at least 30 minutes a day (Nikki, did you hear yourself?). Exercising is good for your overall health but for the purposes of your skin, sweating is good with helping sweat out toxins.

  7. Clean your makeup brushes – I know you love your brushes just as much as I do! Those same brushes we love can hold a lot of bacteria. I try to clean my brushes a few times a month. I use a little blue “Dawn” and warm water - that blue “Dawn” is LIFE!!!!

Well Queens of the 40/50 Club, I hope these tips prove helpful in keeping your skin feeling fresh and new this Spring season.

Until next month…Fish in the sea, you know what I mean; River running free, you know what I mean; Blossoms on a tree, you know what I mean… it’s a NEW dawn, it’s a NEW life for ME…. AND I’M FEELING GOOD!

Thank you, Nina Simone, for your inspiring words.


Love Nikki the NVious Queen...mic drop.

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